• 1. Raw Ingredients

    A great beer starts with the following ingredients: Water, Malted Grain, Hops & Yeast

  • 2. Mashing In

    The grist is mixed with brewing liquor (mashing in) to convert the starches into sugars, needed for fermentation

  • 3. Lautering

    Basically a giant colander. The slotted false floor allows the sweet liquid (wort) to separate from the grain husks

  • 4. Copper Whirlpool

    We boil the sweet wort, add hops late on and then whirlpool the liquid to extract flavour and separate trub (debris)

  • 5. Fermentation

    Yeast works its magic. Eating up sugars and converting them into CO2 and Alcohol

  • 6. Conditioning

    We remove the yeast and dry-hop the beer to add tons of flavour and allow the beer to mature

  • 7. Packaging

    We package the beer into Keg, Cask & Can

  • 8. Dispense

    Brewery fresh SALT beer is dispensed in the Taproom


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