Meet the Brewer – Chris ‘Wiggles’ Wigg

Chris ‘Wiggles’ Wigg joined the SALT Family in March. Having worked with Colin at Buxton Brewery, reuniting Colin & Chris was emotional, to say the least! These guys have a serious bromance. Here is a short interview to get to know Chris:
How did you get into brewing?
I’ve always enjoyed trying different styles of beer, but when I lived in London, I was lucky enough to live a stone’s throw from a pub with a great and ever-changing beer selection. I was blown away by the diversity of beers and contacted a few breweries to see if I could see how they were made. Pressure Drop were kind enough to have me with them for a day and show me (they hadn’t yet got their first brew kit and were brewing dozens of times a week on their home-brew set up). That’s the first time I knew what I wanted to do, brewing had the perfect balance of creativity and science. I moved back North about 6 months later, started home-brewing and checked the job vacancies on SIBA classifieds every day.
What’s your favourite style of beer?
My favourite style of beer probably changes depending on the weather, but I’ve always enjoyed stouts. I’m particularly partial to an Imperial Stout on a winter evening.
What excited you about joining SALT?
Having the chance to help shape the future of a new brewery was an enticing prospect. Being able to have creative input and work on new equipment in an incredible environment really set it apart.
What’s your favourite thing about working at SALT?
The atmosphere at the brewery is brilliant; we’ve got a great team of lovely people and have the chance to experiment and create something exceptional.
What is your least favourite?
Honestly, my least favourite thing is the temptation to eat pizza for lunch every day. Resisting that is a real test of will-power.
Which is your favourite beer you have brewed to date?
My favourite beer I brewed to date was an imperial porter, brewed with muscovado and demerara sugar, aged in bourbon barrels and with the addition of cacao nibs and a variety of Mexican chillis, selected for their flavours rather than heat. I don’t think it’s been released yet.
If there were no restrictions, what beer would you like to brew at SALT and when should we brew it? 
If there were no restrictions, there’re a few beers I’d love to make. I’d like to make a mixed-fermentation saison, age it in white wine and add apricot. I’ve also wanted to explore using raspberry and pistachio in something cheesecake themed, though that’s tricky without using lactose. And I’d love to make an imperial porter to be aged in rum barrels.
What do you think the future holds for SALT?
It’s hard to know exactly what’s going to happen, it’s an ever-evolving industry and we’re a new brewery. I’m certain that we’ll have the chance to make some great beer with some even greater people.
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