SALT x Track Brewing – The Bourbon Bourbon Stout

The Bourbon Bourbon Stout was brewed to celebrate the 500th Gyle of Track Brewing Co. Our head brewer Colin Stronge (or Mr Stout as the Track guys called him) knows a little bit about brewing some big and bold stouts. on April 3rd we headed to the other side of the Pennines to collaborate on an imperial stout. Brewed with Bourbon Biscuits in the mash, currently ageing in bourbon barrels.

Inspired by a love for Bourbon Biscuits, there are no better words to use than the love letter written by the Track Brewing team:

“Thank you. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us. There’s been long nights, early mornings, traffic jams and stuck mashes… but you’ve always been there. I know that we haven’t always treated you with the respect you deserve and on occasion, we may have overindulged, but hey… we’re only human and you are really tasty. Not many people know the reasons for your holes, but we do. We know that you were engineered with the kind of precision that’s made you stand out in the very oversaturated biscuit crowd since 1910. Gyle 500, this one is for you. Our hearts will hold you close like butter holds toast. We love you Bourbon Biscuit ?”

Gyle 500 is being aged in Woodford Reserve Bourbon barrels for 6 months and is going to be every bit as delectable as it sounds!

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