Oxidised cans – What happened and how we’re dealing with this

The recent Coronavirus pandemic has meant we are reliant on the off-trade channels (Supermarkets, E-commerce & Home Delivery) for our very survival. Our recent partnership with Tesco is vital to this, and something we are mightily proud of. We always strive for the highest quality in terms of brewing and packaging, naturally alarm bells started ringing when we received reports of some oxidised cans of Ikat making it on to the shelves of Tesco.

So what is oxidised beer?

Beer is a very delicate product, exposure to oxygen anywhere in the process from brewhouse to packaging can speed up the degradation of aroma, flavour and body. In short, we aim to avoid exposure to oxygen at all costs.

In the case of Ikat, a fault during the canning process led to a number of cans being exposed to high levels of oxygen. Unfortunately, these slipped through the net during QC testing and made it on to shelves – it is impossible to test every can. These cans do not represent the standard of Ikat (or any other SALT Beer) – a beer which has built a strong reputation since our inception.

What are we doing to combat this

To stop this happening again we’ve made investments in testing equipment, revisited our packaging SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and introduced more regular checks. With the added level of testing we’re confident we can continue to consistently supply the beers you know and love.


We always welcome feedback from drinkers and appreciate those who flagged up this issue. Naturally we are monitoring the chatter on social media and have had a good laugh along at some of the posts and memes that are out there. This engagement and interaction are what makes the craft beer scene so vibrant & unique.

Please remember we are not a faceless organisation, we are a small team of people dedicated to our craft. We are working under the pressures of social distancing with a limited workforce. We regret on this occasion that a number of cans that are not up to our usual standard have made it out to market. However, we are humbled and extremely grateful for the continued support and loyalty we are experiencing. We are doing our best to ensure we won’t disappoint again. The next batch of Ikat will be leaving the brewery early next week and will be on Tesco shelves soon.






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