Way back in September last year we teamed up with local coffee roasters, Jolly Bean Roastery, to create Guji a coffee-infused pale ale matching tropical hops with sweet and fruity coffee.

It was obvious early doors that Joel @ Jolly Bean and our brew team were going to get along famously.

Their shared passion for quality, collaboration and coffee/beer were immediately apparent and naturally, they stayed in touch following the release of Guji (usually through the medium of swapping fresh beer for freshly ground coffee)!


Fast forward to early 2021 and we decided our core range was missing a dark beer. We’ve produced some amazing seasonal stouts and porters over the past couple of years, but we wanted one that would be available to enjoy all year round.

Once we decided we wanted to add coffee and cacao to the mix there was only one man to call!

Hessian is a dark & roasty beer infused with cacao, vanilla and a bespoke 50/50 blend of Rwandan & Ugandan coffee, expertly roasted by Jolly Bean.

This results in a rich dark malt base complimented by the sweetness from the vanilla and cacao in the brew, alongside aromatic stone fruit and smooth chocolate notes from the coffee blend.

In short, it tastes amazing!

Some more information about the coffee:


This was grown by Namoso David on Mt. Elgon in Eastern Uganda as part of the ‘Coffee Gardens’, a project to produce specialty coffee in an ethical way, offering a transparent and direct link between coffee farmers and coffee consumers.

With goals to improve farmer’s income and livelihoods, create and provide rural employment, promote gender equality, increase transparency and traceability throughout the supply chain and enviromental protection in the area.

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Grown in the hills of southern Rwanda, where a combination of high altitude and good rains give some of the highest quality from the country.

Fidele Ndagijimana, the owner of the Horizon washing station, has been using his experience from managing washing stations in western Rwanda to create a new benchmark for quality.

Fidele named the wet mill Horizon to guide his vision of processing quality coffee.  


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