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Salt Beer Factory is hiring a new technical brewer to join our growing team in the UNESCO world heritage site of Saltaire.
Our focus is on quality assurance and quality control procedures to ensure that our beers continue to meet the world at peak condition and on specification.
We are looking for a brewer with a strong track record for promoting quality assurance, production efficiency and a positive work environment. As a technical brewer, you will be responsible for all production and treatment of wort/beer, from raw materials to the point of transfer or packaging, including impeccable record-keeping, cleanliness, sanitation and quality.
Key Roles & Responsibilities:
• Performing cellar operations including gravities, yeast handling, beer transfers and dry hopping.
• Operating our 20hl brew bloc efficiently and producing wort batches from grist to fermenter and beyond.
• Preparing beer for transfers and packaging; ensuring specifications are met and occasionally packaging beer into keg and cask.
• Laboratory standard QC work – sample taking, cell counts, temperature monitoring and adjustments, pH, gravity, etc.
• Yeast management.
• CIP of kit, vessels, hoses and equipment.
• Thorough record-keeping of dry goods, brew day, fermentation, FV additions and packaging.
• Monitoring stock levels to ensure steady workflow.
• General housekeeping and cleaning.
• Close adherence to health and safety regulation at all times.
• Occasional representation for the brewery at trade shows, beer festivals, ‘Meet the Brewer’ and other events.
• Ensure a clean and sanitary working environment.
• Legal right to work in the U.K.
• At least 2 years experience working in a brewing or cellar production role
• Ability to work flexible hours, including shift brewing and occasional weekend work.
• Display great teamwork and initiative in lone working.
• A good understanding of workplace hygiene.
• Great organisation and communication.
• Can-do attitude to problem solving.
• Demonstrate an understanding of excellent QA/QC practice; methodology and record keeping.
• Demonstrated understanding of all aspects of the brewing process.
This is a full-time role offering a competitive salary for a brewer with relevant experience. Ideally, the candidate will have a relevant qualification (IBD, Heriot-Watt University, etc.) and/or a qualification in Chemistry, Chemical Engineer, Microbiology, Mechanical Engineering, or Food Science/Technology.
Please send CV and cover letter to
Applications close 31st March 2021
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