Veganuary…and every other Month of the Year

Our mission for SALT is to open up the world of Hop-Forward beer. We aim to be open, engaging and bring people along our beer journey. There are various ways we try to do this but a key one is removing obstacles to people enjoying a SALT Beer.

As a team we thought it was important to make every beer brewed at SALT Beer Factory vegan-friendly; this includes core, special and collaboration beers. We need to take into account the views, attitudes and preferences of our customers and hopefully having an entirely vegan-friendly offering opens up the world of SALT to more people!

*Please note we can’t guarantee that collaborations that are brewed ‘away’ at other breweries will be Vegan-Friendly*

In 2020 we are also putting greater focus on offering a range of Gluten Free options, to read more about our gluten-free beers see our previous blog post:

Calico Gluten-Free Session Pale



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