What gose around, comes around

Part of our mission at SALT is to take a progressive approach to brewing. And as such our brewing team are always looking for new, innovative ways for people to enjoy the beers we produce.

So, when the opportunity to team up with the guys at Square Root Soda came along, we jumped at the chance, and the result was a match made in fruity, beery heaven!

The self-confessed “Soda Jerks” made the trip up to Saltaire to help us create “Untitled Gose Game”, a crisp, light, overnight kettle soured Gose infused with meyer lemons & rosemary.

Taking the collab one step further, we then sent some of the beer down to London for the guys to work their soda making wizardry and produce a superb non-alcoholic Lemon Gose Shandy perfectly designed to offer big, quality beer taste to any customer who isn’t drinking alcohol.

Aromas of lemon and orange are balanced with pine and pepper. The distinctive sweet taste of the Meyer Lemon is balanced with light sourness, floral rosemary and a hint of sea salt.

“Untitled Gose Game” is available on keg and in cans from the taproom bar now, and coming to the Craft Asylum bars soon.

The Meyer Lemon Gose Shandy is available from the guys at Square Root Soda while stocks last!

For information on stocking SALT, you can contact us through our form, or email sales@saltbeerfactory.co.uk.

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