5L Jute Minikeg

Your favourite session IPA, now available in a 5l pour at home minikeg.

No additional equipment required, just place the minikeg on an even surface, open the tap and enjoy!

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[Joot] noun

1. Plant fibre that can be spun into coarse, strong threads.

2. A crisp, light and refreshing session IPA, thirst-quenching and low in bitterness.

Jute as a textile is one of the most accessible and versatile fabrics in the world. Over the years it has been used for fishing, manufacturing, household items and even clothing. Similarly, the goal of our session was to brew an accessible beer suitable for all occasions.

We put our spin on the traditional IPA, using a mix of Australian and American hops, keeping it naturally hazy and packed full of flavour. Jute is a crisp, light and refreshing session IPA. Initial aromas and tastes of citrus followed by a slightly bitter melon-rind finish.

Beer Info
Hazy, Pale
Oats, Pale, Wheat Malt
Centennial, Mosaic, Topaz, Vic Secret
Yes (Keg)
Available in
5 Litre