by Jess Mountford

Raising a glass to our own evolution!

Today, we’re raising a glass to our refreshed look and feel.   Over...
Raising a glass to our own evolution!

Today, we’re raising a glass to our refreshed look and feel.


Over many months, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to bring you a brand-new look to the SALT brand. In order to evolve with the times and champion our craft, it was time to get our heads together and come up with a concept that stands out from the crowd and isn’t afraid of the noise. 


With the recent acquisition of our brewing site in London, along with multiple new retail outlets, it was time for a refresh. The evolution of the SALT brand is something that is incredibly important during this period of growth, to ensure: inclusivity – providing great craft beer for our target consumers, accessibility – being available to all through the use of our own retail outlets, eCommerce platform and Off Trade initiatives. 


Independent, intuitive and inclusive for all is what we strive for here at SALT, and with our rebrand we aim to achieve exactly that within the craft market. Our rebrand has our core products at the centre, and aims to champion the quality of the liquid inside, whilst providing a drinking experience that is fuelled by inspiration


Craft Mastery. Down to earth delivery. Our new slogan, aiming to champion great brewing craft alongside its professional yet, no-nonsense delivery. 


Nadir Zairi, SALT’s Managing Director states “We’re so excited to unveil our new look branding after many months of hard work. This new look represents an evolution rather than a revolution, culminating in better execution and visual representation of our brand whilst sticking to our core values.


The original brand was designed to be open, accessible, and cut through the noise in the craft beer fixture, making great craft beer available to all. What we’ve achieved with the brand refresh is accessibility executed better due it’s stand out colours and eye-catching design, along with a much-needed revitalisation of the SALT brand.” 


We had the pleasure to work on this rebrand with the talented PJAMA Marketing, who have helped us develop each aspect of the project. They have a keen eye for detail and are experienced experts in their field. 


Chris Walker, founder of PJAMA Marketing, said “SALT has proven many times over in its short, successful history that it's happy to carve out its own lane and run its own race. Craft mastery mixed with down to earth delivery gave us something really strong to work with.” 


We’re incredibly proud of what we have been able to achieve, and we hope you’ll join us in raising a glass. 




What does this mean for me? 

Nothing at all, your favourite SALT beers are exactly the same, they just have a fancy new look!


Have you changed your recipes? 

Not at all, if it ain’t broken! Don’t fix it. Our recipes remain the same.


Some of the cans are still the old design why is this? 

Whilst we’re packaging cans pretty much every day, it will still take some time for our entire core range to switch over. So don’t worry, you’ll have some brand-new SALT cans in your fridge soon.