SALT joins the lineup at Barnsley F.C.

We’re pleased to announce our brand new bar situated in the heart of the Oakwell Stadium, home of the Tykes and Barnsley F.C.

Formed in 1887, the South Yorkshire team have mastered the art of combining a community fan base, with a large-scale stadium. Their nickname comes from an old tale of a Yorkshire character, who was hard-working and traditional, much like the community within the market town.


Our partnership with Barnsley F.C. brings together great craft beer and an experience like no other. Our fully branded bar is situated within the centre of the stadium, alongside other fan favourites and traders alike. We’re pouring Loom - our 4% crisp & refreshing Pale, and Jute - our 4.2% hazy & juicy Session IPA.


This partnership allows us to bring a new pre-match ritual to all fans, whether they’re looking for something tropical and juicy, or crisp and refreshing. Our new bar provides a new way of drinking and allows us to place our brand in front of people who might not have opted for something ‘crafty’ in the past.


Here at SALT, our mission is to make our craft much more accessible for everyone during 2023. So our new venture at Oakwell Stadium allows us to do exactly that. By putting our well-crafted product in front of so many people within the community, we are opening up their eyes to some new drinking options. Which in this current climate, is something incredibly important for the industry.

Don't thank us, like the beer, it's a pleasure! 

Up The Tykes!