Our brand new brew, using Yakima Chief's newest technology!

This week we debuted our brand-new Double IPA – So Fresh & So Green, brewed with a ground-breaking new form of hop from Yakima Chief Hops. So Fresh & So Green aims to push this new product to its limits and showcase natural hop flavours to its full potential.


YCH 301 Trial is part of the Yakima Chief Hops Elite Product Trial program. It combines the concept of fresh frozen hops and the innovative technology of Cryo Hops®. Cryo Hops® are essentially pellets packed full of resins and aromas, they are much more reliable than standard whole leaf hops and allow brewers to dose beers without fears of any off flavours or other complications. These Fresh Frozen hops are created in a simple two-step process, first freshly harvested, un-kilned whole cone hops are flash frozen – this helps retain both the physical state along with the aroma and flavour. Then, the frozen hops are then produced into concentrated Lupulin pellets using YCH’s patented Cryo Hops® technology.


These new and innovative type of hops can be used anywhere in the brew, but for this particular beer we added them in during the dry-hop process. To really indulge ourselves in the raw hop flavour and give your tastebuds a real treat. We were lucky enough to get our hands on three types of the YCH 301 Trial – Citra®, Mosaic® and Simcoe®.



For this particular brew, we opted for all three, adding in equal parts Mosaic® and Simcoe®, whilst we chose to add a little more Citra®. Because let’s face it, who doesn’t love a big Citra punch?


Beer Description:

I love it when you stare at me, I’m just so fresh, so green!

See what we did there?

Our latest instalment of The Hexagon Project is here. This Experimental Double IPA uses Yakima Chief Trial 301, a state-of-theart trial which combines the concept of fresh frozen hops and the innovative technology of Cryo Hops®. With lots of Citra and London Fog Yeast in the forefront, this sweet, yet green Double IPA has residual sweetness, citrus and floral aroma and a smooth body.

ABV: 8.3%

HOPS: Mosaic, Simcoe, Citra

MALT: Extra Pale, Wheat, Golden Naked Oats

ALLERGENS: Oats, Wheat

 Suitable for Vegans