Weaving Citra into our core range with a new name.

Citra NEIPA JNR has been cherished for years by devoted SALT fans, holding a particularly special place in our hearts as the inaugural brew and recipe crafted by our Head Brewer, Colin Stronge, who joined the team back in 2019.

For those new here, we're based in the UNESCO World Heritage site of Saltaire, the home of industrialist pioneer Sir Titus Salt. Our hometown, with its rich craft and milling heritage, is the wellspring of our inspiration. Therefore, when a beer earns its rightful place in our core lineup, we honor it with the name of a fabric like Jute, named after the versatile fabric as a refreshing session IPA, easily enjoyed whatever the weather, wherever.

As time progresses and our brand evolves, we deemed it the right moment to weave Citra into the core range. Complete with a new name but still the same great taste. Allow us to introduce Serge, our 4.5% Citra IPA. Like its namesake, Serge combines bags and bags of Citra hops, creating a deliciously smooth and incredibly moreish beer that is sure to transport you into the sunshine.


"Why 'Serge'?" we hear you ask. Serge, derived from Latin, means silk, embodying a single weave. It's a nod to the single Citra hop that has defined this exceptional brew and its silky-smooth mouthfeel and hoppy, citrus notes.

We want to assure you it's the same beer, just with a new name. It's still the very Citra NEIPA Jnr that has won your hearts, but with a new name that speaks to its essence.

As we transition from our old branding, you may still see a few examples of the old 'Citra'. This is just while we make our way through the remaining stock. We're hoping all branding will be transitioned by 11/12/2023.

But for now, we raise a glass to 'Serge,' and invite you to join us in celebrating its exciting next chapter – and if you've not tried it already, click here to grab a can and find out what all the fuss is about.